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We're on the move

The Good Plate, renowned for its exquisite ceramic creations, is embarking on an exciting journey as it relocates to the vibrant community of Melbourne Clay Studio. This strategic move not only marks a new chapter for The Good Plate but also promises an expansion into uncharted creative territories.


From bespoke dinnerware to artistic home decor, the fusion of The Good Plate's craftsmanship with the dynamic atmosphere of Melbourne Clay Studio is sure to yield stunning results.


The Good Plate's move to Melbourne Clay Studio signals not only a geographical shift but also a creative evolution. As we transition, we're thrilled to announce the development of an exclusive new range of ceramic treasures.


Expect limited stock of our signature pieces, each crafted with meticulous attention to detail. But fear not, for our journey doesn't end there. We invite you to reach out and collaborate with us to create something truly bespoke and extraordinary. Let's embark on this exciting adventure together—contact us to be a part of the next chapter in The Good Plate's story.

What is The Good Plate?

Ilona Topolcsanyi, co-founder of Melbourne-based
ceramic studio, Cone 11, wants every meal, however
casual or ceremonious, to be worthy of the good plates.

Combining her passion for craftsmanship, hospitality and philanthropy, Ilona has created The Good Plate, in partnership with Melbourne Clay Studio.

While these beautiful ceramics will grace the tables of Australian restaurants, they will also represent a great  
cause. A percentage of all profits from The Good Plate
will go non-for-profit organisations helping people through food. 

Greater Goods — objects that represent good design,
elevate good eating and honour a good cause. 

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